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Why is this program special ?

clear identity

Have you been searching for the "right" opportunity? Making applications, not quite sure who you are? You will walk through a process to define who you are in this course.


Many might know who they are, but unsure what to do next! You will have the chance to identify target companies, people, job titles, and personal values to focus your efforts.


When you have a clear identity and a destination, meeting the right people in a systematic way is the next great leap. You will learn to network like a pro and find opportunities before they are published.


You are not alone. Executing a strategy requires support. With online membership in eligible programs you get collaboration tools and weekly group coaching.

Can I get Results?

What Clients Have To Say

3 steps to career success

Week 1-2

professional branding

week 3-4

career planning

week 5-6

networking for jobs


about me

My career journey started with challenges.  The very first job I had, I was fired from –  and rehired 45 minutes later. Over the course of my life, I’ve been separated or laid off from 4 jobs. 

It was the last one that lead to mentoring and coaching others to find work that helped me realize my strengths. Now, after 12+ years and 1100+ clients I am offering my unique first-hand experiences to you. 

It’s with great pleasure that I look forward to supporting your success.  Andrew

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are accepted from PayPal and Stripe.

I do! If you use the stuff I teach it will work (results do vary). However, in the event you are not convinced or satisfied, I have a no-questions-asked 10-day refund policy from today to 10 days after the first training session.

This website is equipped with live chat for course members. You can access customer support through the bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

Yes. The upgraded versions of our courses include one-on-one or group coaching. You can also access On-Demand coaching here.

All of our other courses are listed on this website. Future courses will be made available based on demand. 

 The training will commence a week after the cart closes, keep your eyes peeled for the scheduling email.

Not a problem, the videos will be archived forever.

In 3 parts really. First, live webinar training on a weekly basis. Second, virtual open office hours. Third, online archival video and tools.

No. That would not be fair to those who took advantage of the offer early on.

A select few individuals (the first 5) will be showcased as examples of how-to from my help over-the-shoulder style. It will be a real world example to help your learning.

Through a private link to a private link on Google Hangout much like the Year of Career 2019 session. The video will be downloaded and archived on a secure server.

During this program, you will not be encouraged to do online applications nor to “trick” the applicant tracking software (ATS) into putting your perfect resume in the pool of “qualified” candidates. You will learn proven techniques to bypass that system entirely.

YES! I actually designed this course for the novice. Even advanced marketing people have trouble with self-awareness and communication. You are in the right place.

Yes! Unless you like where you are. Having Noble Ambition to get something better is what will help you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Also, we have systems to make this part easy so don’t worry, it’s super easy. And it prepares you well for the interview process.

YES! I’ve tested this same system with dozens of technical professionals. Although it’s up to you once you get to the interview, it’s getting there that most people have a challenge.